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Annoucements and Special Greetings

A MALONZO Family History
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Annoucements and Special Greetings
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Welcoming new member of Family Malonzo

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Welcome to Malonzo Family

And congratulations to Renato Malonzo & Flormay Tuano

our best wishes to newly married couple

2005 wedding of Olivia Malonzo & Patrick Vertenten

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Happy birthday : for the month of  March  April  May
                            Tatang Undo June 14
                             Noel Malonzo  June 9
                             July 23 Our bro Rey Malonzo 
                             July 26 JOJO MALONZO
Invites you to our annual Malonzo Reunion at the Malonzo Residence  in San Simon Pampanga on April  19 , 2009
Hosted by Conrado Malonzo
Special Prayers to ;Jaime Malonzo Rey Malonzo 
 Rachelle Diaz Pineda for the first year death anniv. on July 2009
and for Soul of Tatang  Undo Tatang Pepe Ima Charing Ate Pancing Tatang Ambo Imang Pilang Coya Atong Tantang Mike and Epouse Coya Ipe Coya Tikoy and Malonzo who gone to the rest of God Coya Caloy

Welcome all new born baby
son of Jean Paul  cute baby Malonzo
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